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Newsletter Monday August 20, 2007
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Congratulations on completing your first "official" week of practice! I promise you that, with continued effort, it will get easier. Here's what you can expect this week...
Monday and Tuesday will be distance nights. Our goal is to get to 20-30 minutes of continuous running at conversational pace. If you can't carry on a conversation with your neighbor, you're running too hard! Pick a distance you know you can complete and run the entire distance.
Thursday we'll be on the hills! Hill repetitions are one of the quickest ways to develop running strength. We'll do a short distance for warm-up and then run 5 to 6 repeats of different lengths depending on your fitness level.
Saturday will be another distance day on the dirt at Central Park.
I can't repeat enough that the real improvement comes at home. Your schedule will be changing over the next couple of weeks as you return to school. It's critical that you get plenty of rest, eat well, drink plenty of water and keep stretching.
I heard a lot about cramps while we were out running this week. It's important that you drink water all day long. It's also important that you learn what to eat just before practice so you'll know what to eat just before a race. Something mild like a bagel, cereal, a sandwich or some pasta are good choices.
I'd like to thank the parents that have laced up to hit the road with us this week. We couldn't organize 80+ kids without you! Bikes and babystrollers are welcome as well.
IMPORTANT! We'll be looking for age group parent volunteers over the next couple of weeks. These parents will help organize, warm-up and warm-down the age groups at meets. See me at practice if you're interested. As I said before, it's a lot more rewarding to get involved than to watch from the sidelines. Thanks again for all of your support.
Yours in Running,
Coach Darren

Second Week of Practice:
MondayHeritage Park* 6:00-7:15 p.m.
Tuesday:  Heritage Park* 6:00-7:15 p.m.
*Due to the parking situation in the lot off of Newhall Ranch Road, we will be meeting near the tennis courts next to the parking lot on Fairview Dr. and McBean Pkwy.
Wednesday:  NO PRACTICE
College of the Canyons (near the stadium entrance) 6:00-7:15 p.m. 
Saturday:  Central Park 8:00-9:15 a.m.
Merchandise Orders:
SPIRITWEAR!  Everyone wants to be part of the team so get your STORM spiritwear now!  T-shirts, hoodies and warm-up suits are available in all sizes, so "spirit up" the entire family.  Merchandise order forms will be available at practice.  If you have any questions, contact Karen O'Neil.
Skittles & Jolly Ranchers: Lets remember to reward our hardworking athletes with some Skittles or Jolly Ranchers.  Please contribute two bags of candy to hand out to the athletes after practice.  If anyone is interested in volunteering to be responsible for our goodies, please let us know.  You'll be the most popular person on the team!
Registration:  If you have not yet signed up, please do so right away. Remember, we need TWO signed copies of the VYC Player Contract.  Please download the sign-up paperwork, complete all forms at home, and return them to Lisa Moser by no later than August 30th. 
Thank You,
Kwan Beilin
Volunteers Needed!!
Parents, we need your support to make this program work.  Volunteering is a great way to meet the other parents on the team and enrich your's and your child's experience.  Don't leave the job to just the few.  If you are able to help out with any of these positions, please see Dave Summer or Kwan Beilin.
  • Works with the Cross Country General Manager to set date and site for Lap-a-thon
  • Sets up a system for recording laps
  • Records laps of each child with help of volunteers
  • Procures music for the event
  • Procures prizes for winners


  • Work with the General Manager to determine where volunteers are needed on meet days
  • Enlist the help of parent volunteers for various duties
  • Act as the point person for volunteers and the meet director


  • Determine date and place for party
  • Procure permit for party
  • Order food for party
  • Help coaches hand out awards
  • Put together a possible memory book.


  • Set up the team communication box with each family's name
  • Bring the communication box to practice routinely
  • Distribute Award Ribbons or other communication in the appropriate files


  • Gather athletes in age group (GG, GB, BG, BB, MG, MB, YG/IG, YB/IB) prior to meets
  • Distribute race tags
  • Help warm up the age group and get them ready for the start line
  • Help with cool-down after the races.
Post Season
The Valley Youth Conference has voted to participate in the AAU National Cross Country Championship in Virginia Beach, VA.  The meet is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007.  More information can be obtained at the AAU website Amateur Athletics.  Please see Russ Phillips if you are interested in participating in post season.
"The five S's of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit." - Ken Doherty
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