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  July 14, 2008

Hope everyone is enjoy the summer! I can't believe that there are only 3 week until the first practice. Please get your sign up paperwork turned in as soon as possible. Sign-up information is below in the next box. 
We are also starting a fitness program, if you think you might be interested in join, make sure to show up to practice with a good pair of running shoes and dressed for a work out. The plan will be to start conditioning the same as the kids, the initial program will be 6 weeks long.  
Remember that you must bring water for both you and your children to practice. When the weather is hot like it can be dehydration can be a serious problem.  
2008 Youth Cross Country Sign Ups
We are accepting signups for our 2008 Cross Country Program. You can download the paperwork by clicking the following links: Sign Up Paperwork & XC Parent Handbook,  2008 Cross Country Flyer Please follow the instructions in the packet.
Storm Cross Country Features: 
  • Valley Youth Conference Competition with meets in Santa Clarita Valley, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, & Ventura County. (See schedule on our website). 
  • For Boys and Girls ages 6 - 16 in all athletic abilities. (Running Required!!!) 
  • Athletes compete on a course ranging from 2 K to 4 K depending on age.
  • Athletes eligible for Valley Striders Post Season, with possibility of competing for the National Junior Olympics.
  • Team Awards Banquet at Santa Clarita Sports Complex. 
  • Memory book, or video of season given at the banquet.
  • Experienced Coaching Staff
  • Fun Fun Fun!!! 
Our first day of practice will be on August 4th at Heritage Park 6:00 PM, near the tennis courts/picnic tables.
Storm Fitness  Club
We're adding a fitness program! Yes, some of you walk around the track during track season, others run the course during cross country while the kids are working out. This year we will have an organized program with a set schedule for adults. Enrollment will be required to participate.
The program will last 6 weeks long and will be conducted at the same locations as our practices. This is not in place of our coaching staff, this is designed for our parents who want a running work out. If you normally run with the kids during XC you will still be able to do that without being a part of the fitness program.
This program will be for beginning runners. However intermediate runners will be able to improve their performance due to the scheduled work outs.  
Not all of you know, but I have ran 9 marathon's in the past, when I stopped running a very strange thing happened, I quit burning all those calories and found that I could store them...well it's now time to take those stored calories and put them to use...I have decided to BURN them!
If you'd like to join me on August 4th, I've set a goal to burn some calories. and would like who ever else is interested in setting a goal to join me. 
Correction in the Parent Handbook
We've Found an error
Our first day of practice will be on August 4th at Heritage Park and not on August 13th at Central Park. 
If you have a red line on page 3 stating that practice is August 13, it was red so I would remember to edit it...which I forgot to its been fixed please download a new parent handbook.  
I've been asked why do you work so hard for the Storm program. in a nutshell, because your child is a part of it and mine will be. 
I would love to take all the credit, but I've have a lot of great people helping me with the program in the background. We have some parents who also give of themselves to help this program. The hours they spend in attending coaches clinics, and volunteering for this club is so amazing!  Thank you!
Next year a new phase of my life will start, as my granddaughter will start competing for Storm as a first year Gremlin. There is no other club in the conference that I would rather have her go to. I know that she will receive the best training and support for the entire time she is part of the program. She will lead the way within my family as my grand children start running one by one behind her. 
It is people giving of themselves freely for each other that make this club what it is.  
I will continue to give of myself for many years to come because this is a club for your children and mine.  
I'm In It For The Long Run,

Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club