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Cross Country Running
By Hal Higdon
They call it "shagging out," or "The Shag." It happens mostly in high school cross-country just before the start of races and (as near as I can determine) mostly in northwestern Indiana, where I live. The Shag is practiced at meets like the New Prairie Invitational, which each September attracts approximately 2,000 competitors from 90 different schools. New Prairie offers eight separate races, all of which begin with runners shagging out. As a result, The Shag exists as a ritual, a ceremonial opening statement, a taste of more to come. It's like at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway several hours south, where they say, "Gentlemen, start your engines," after singing, "Back Home in Indiana." When I was coaching cross-country for the local high school a decade ago, I used to love being part of The Shag. I still enjoy watching it. 
  July 21, 2008
Practice starts in 2 weeks, please visit our website for more information about sign-ups. Our meet schedule has been posted.
We are still finalizing our practice schedule. The calendar has been updated but is subject to change, and final adjustment.
Storm Cross Country 2008 Don't miss out Sign up today.
 A few quotes from Parents  who have pledged to run with Storm for 2008:

"We'll be running with the Storm! It's a great program and my kids love it!" Brian Rush

"We'll be running with the Storm this year!" Jerry Alexander

"Olivia Pear will Definitely be back on August 4th " Ian Pear 
2008 Youth Cross Country Sign Ups
We are accepting signups for our 2008 Cross Country Program. You can download the paperwork by clicking the following links: Sign Up Paperwork & XC Parent Handbook,  2008 Cross Country Flyer Please follow the instructions in the packet.
Storm Cross Country Features: 
  • Established successful program
  • Experienced Coaching Staff
  • Valley Youth Conference Competition with meets in Santa Clarita Valley, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, & Ventura County. (See schedule on our website). 
  • For Boys and Girls ages 6 - 16 in all athletic abilities. (Running Required!!!) 
  • Athletes compete on a course ranging from 2 K to 4 K depending on age.
  • Athletes eligible for Valley Striders Post Season, with possibility of competing for the National Junior Olympics.
  • Team Awards Banquet at Santa Clarita Sports Complex. 
  • Memory book, or video of season given at the banquet.
  • Fun Fun Fun!!! 
Our first day of practice will be on August 4th at Heritage Park 6:00 PM, near the tennis courts/picnic tables.
Storm Fitness  Club
We're adding a fitness program! Yes, some of you walk around the track during track season, others run the course during cross country while the kids are working out. This year we will have an organized program with a set schedule for adults. Enrollment will be required to participate.
The program will last 6 weeks long and will be conducted at the same locations as our practices. This is not in place of our coaching staff, this is designed for our parents who want a running work out. If you normally run with the kids during XC you will still be able to do that without being a part of the fitness program.
This program will be for beginning runners. However intermediate runners will be able to improve their performance due to the scheduled work outs.  
Not all of you know, but I have ran 9 marathon's in the past, when I stopped running a very strange thing happened, I quit burning all those calories and found that I could store them...well it's now time to take those stored calories and put them to use...I have decided to BURN them!
If you'd like to join me on August 4th, I've set a goal to burn some calories. and would like who ever else is interested in setting a goal to join me. 
In It For The Long Run,

Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club