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Newsletter for September 21, 2009
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Whew....  the first meet is behind us!  Nerve's, craziness, what's it going to be like, how am I going to do, where do I go, how long is it going to take...  All those questions in some way or another got answered last Saturday and it was sure a great time.
For me, I am proud of every one of you for working hard and racing so well!  For the first official race of the season I think each of you did incredible.  The exciting thing for me is to know each of you will improve a lot by the end of the season and that makes our competition nervous. 
I want to take a minute to thank every coach first for their time working with each of you during the meet.  Helping you get to the start line, warm up, stretch, stay calm, all those keys to helping you have a successful first race!  They are essential to our success as a team.  Thanks also especially to coach David for getting the tents there and always coach Alan and Elaine for your continued support and presence.
Parents, what a blessing you are to me and the coaches!  This meet just showed me how great it is to have supportive parents.  My wife heard a dad from another team commenting about how he doesn't understand why his daughter would want to run.  I admit, running takes a different breed but my question is WHY WOULDN'T I WANT TO RUN?  And you parents are nothing short of the biggest supporters of your kids I've ever worked with.  You make my job easy so thanks!
Looking to the future expect to continue building on the workouts, faster, longer intervals, getting stronger and stronger.  Don't be discouraged if you aren't running as fast as some of your competition, including teammates.  Running is one of those sports where you get out of it what you put in.  I want to encourage you in a big way, if you want to accomplish great things before the end of the season challenge yourself more in these upcoming workouts.  When you feel like taking it easy, think back to this race and the times you felt exhausted.  The harder you work in practice, the harder you're going to race!
You guys are going to continue to accomplish more than you thought you could!
Thanks for making it FUN!
Coach Jeremy
Lap-a-thon Sept 15, 2009
Our lap-a-thon was held on September 15, at Saugus High School on the Track, This is our primary fund raiser event, This fund raiser helps us keep our price low, allows us to offer scholarships, and assist our athletes in national competition.
We ask every family to seek pledges either by flat rate or a per lap donation. The athletes run 1 hour, later they return to their donors and collect their pledges to turn in by the dead line.  
We will award a grand prize of Disneyland park hopper tickets to the athlete who raises the most funds. Every athlete who raises $40.00 will also win a prize.   
The deadline to be eligible for the grand prize is October 6th. Athletes who raise $40.00 or more will still be eligible to win a lap-a-thon prize even if they turn in the funds after October 6th.
Click here to download more Lap-a-thon pledge forms
Practice Schedule September 14 - September 19
   September 21st at 6:00pm - Heritage Park
Tuesday:  September 22nd at 6:00pm - Central Park
Thursday: September 24th at 6:00 pm - College of the Canyons 
Saturday: September 26th at 8:00am  - XC Meet Corriganville

Photographers needed
We need your digital pictures for our memory DVD, please be sure to take a lot of pictures of the kids at the meets and practice, and turn them in to Alan. I have thumb drives or blank CD's if you need.
We can use all types of pictures and video's, so if you have a digital video camera please be sure to turn in those files as well.
Below is a few pictures that a parent took at the meet, keep them coming!

Some fun items for cross country meets.
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