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  Sept 20, 2010
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Dear Alan,     
Amazing Athlete's and Distinguished Parents:
What a way to start off the racing season!!  I saw plenty of hard work, great form, sportsmanship, smiles and even some great results.  It's definitely too hard to list all of the great racers out there so I'll sum it up with a congratulations for the whole team.  Parent's, thanks so much for those who helped out warming up the different age groups. 
With the first race behind us, I want each of you to think of just one thing you can do different next race to improve.  Remember that we'll be racing the same kids every week, so a fun part of the season is to try to improve in overall position.  Some of the things to consider:
1.       Did you start really fast and then you got passed by a lot of other runners?
2.       Did you go out slow and then you passed a lot of other runners?
3.       Did you have some pains because of not warming up enough?
4.       Did you get cramps in your stomach?
5.       Did you feel out of energy the whole race?
I would imagine all of you experienced at least 1 of the above list.  Monday night we'll go over the list and provide some tips to help you before the next race.  We have 6 weeks left of the season so there is still plenty of time to improve if don't feel like this was your best race!  I believe the best is yet to come for all of you.
Back to training...  With 6 weeks left, there is still time to gain strength before we start to taper off for the final couple weeks.  This week we'll continue with a longer run on Monday, some good intervals on Tuesday, and as always the ever challenging hills at COC on Thursday.  I will encourage everyone to at least make 2 practices a week.  If you make it only 1 day, you are missing your potential.  Coming 3 days a week will give us a chance to help you achieve more. 
One final encouragement, and believe me I know this is a challenge; we need to start practice right at 6pm.  We want to be able to maximize the time and keep the trail running safe.  Parents, as always, the more the merrier for running with the athlete's.  You don't have to be a superstar to keep up with the gremlins so get out and give it a shot if you've been sitting on the fence.
Thanks again to all and I can't wait to see you all out running this week!
Coach Jeremy
Practice Schedule For This Week
  • Monday 9/20/2010 6:00 PM - Heritage Park
  • Tuesday 9/21/2010 6:00 PM - Central Park
  • Thursday 9/23/2010 6:00 PM - College of the Canyons
  • Saturday 9/25/2010 8:00 AM - Meet @ O'Melveny Park 
Our lap-a-thon was held on September 13, at Valencia High School. This is our primary fund raiser event, This fund raiser helps us keep our price low, allows us to offer scholarships, and assist our athletes in national competition.
We will award a grand prize to the athlete who raises the most funds. Every athlete who raises $40.00 will also win a prize.   
The deadline to be eligible for the grand prize is September 28th. Athletes who raise $40.00 or more will still be eligible to win a lap-a-thon prize even if they turn in the funds after September 28th.
You can download the lap-a-thon form by clicking here 
This Weeks Meet 
Our weeks meet will be held at O'Melveny Park. Directions to the meet are on our website. Please click the name on the schedule for directions to the meets.
Jelly Beans
Each year we ask that parents give 2 bags of Jelly Beans or Jolly Ranchers for after work outs, we have plenty of Jolly Ranchers left over from our Track season and are just now in need of Jelly beans, we are going to ask for 1 bag per family of Jelly beans, and if we need more to finish the season off, we will send out another request later.
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Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club