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  August 1, 2011
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Dear Alan, 




Well I have to admit this email comes with some sadness.  Excitement for the start of the 2011 Cross Country season, but summer is just about gone!  Can we get a rewind of that please? 


Anyway, I hope you have had a great summer, I know my family has enjoyed being outside, going to the beach and relaxing a little.


Ok, well onto the season.  Cross Country is here and I hope you are excited.  I know we have a lot of new faces out there and I trust you who are converting from track are going to enjoy it.


First things first, practice starts this coming Monday night.  That's August 1st.  There are some key's to the season as we begin:


1.       Bring an electrolyte drink.  It will be warm and if you haven't been outside in the heat, it will take a little getting used to.

2.       Drink during the day to prepare for practice.  Water is key and 30-60 minutes before you come to practice drink a glass of an electrolyte something like Gatorade.  This will prepare your body for working out.

3.       Come ready to work hard and have fun!!


There are some of you who have been running through the summer which is great.  We'll identify those of you and for sure start you off at your in shape ability.  Others who are new to Cross Country or have been relaxing this summer, don't worry, we won't kill you in the first couple weeks.  We have a long season and there is plenty of time to get you in shape and ready to race.  My goal is that each of you make it to the end of the season, injury free, having fun, and racing well!


Ok, that's it for the first installment.  There will be plenty more of these emails in the future.

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you,

Coach Jeremy

Cross Country Practice 
Monday August 1 - Heritage Park Near Picnic Tables

Tuesday August 2 - Central Park Near Basketball Courts


Saturday August 6 - Central Park Near Basketball Courts



Monday & Tuesday Practices @ 6:00 PM


Saturday Morning Practices @ 8:00 AM

Cross Country Sign Ups

We are still accepting sign ups for the 2011 Cross Country season.


Cross Country begins Monday of August 1st If you have not mailed in your paperwork please bring it with you to practice.  


Click Here to Download the paperwork.

Castaic Triathlon (Kids Tri) 
On separate note, August 13th marks the second Castaic Lake Triathlon.  Those of you who know me well, know that I love to get the kids mixing it up in different complementing sports.  We will be putting on a kids version of the triathlon during the normal race and I will encourage all of the kids that can ride a bicycle confidently to come out and do the race.  Here's the details:


Swim 100yds, in standing depth water
Bike 3 miles, on sidewalks and partial park roads
Run 1 mile, on sidewalks



The cost is $20 and your kids are sure to have a blast.  Each athlete will receive a medal.  They can use any bike they have and again, the only requirement I have is they are able to ride a bike safely without immediate supervision.  You as parents are free to swim, bike and run right next to your kids if you want to.  I'll talk more about this at practice.
*Not affiliated with Santa Clarita Track Club, Inc


Coach Jeremy
Justin Baltau Update 

 Mark Baltau, Justin Baltau & Alan Bingham


 Justin Baltau Update - 7/25/2011


"He is finished with third round of chemo as of today, Monday...he will NOT be going home unfortunately till he can eat and drink. This round was much more brutal but he's the strongest young man I've ever known. He takes not only ten hours of three different chemo's a day, BUT, also SIX daily anti-nausea medicines which don't help with nausea but keep him from throwing up every hour. He takes the nausea and weakness, closes his eyes, holds on and let's the chemo do it's thing without a single complaint. One of our team physicians will walk in, Justins lip is quivering to keep from vomiting, and when asked "how are you feeling?"-Justin gives a side smile and says, "fine... Just nausea that's all"... The Dr turns to me and says "he's quite stoic isn't he?" I agree, then they ask me, as mom, to give them the actual "how is he" answer.. His strength and character are honorable! 

So his cancer markers (numbers) are way down. One of three is normal :) - He will recover at home (hopefully by Tuesday) for two weeks then go for what we are hoping is his LAST round of chemo with complete remission and a cherry on top !!!

His days home will be 7/25-8/8. 

During this time he will feel weak and sick (days 4-5), then have a few days where his blood counts are low and he can't see anyone (days 6-8), then feel gradually better and able to see friends and maybe take a drive to the beach (days9-14)...

We will get another scan at end if treatment to see if all tumors are gone and biopsy whatever is left. 

Thank you for everyone's prayers and letters and hope !!



An account has been setup for Justin at Lockheed Federal Credit Union. You may go in and deposit donations to the Justin Baltau directly. Its Account # 415744300. If you are sending in donations to us make the check out to "Santa Clarita Track Club" you may donated directly to Justin Baltau by going into Lockheed Federal Credit Union.


If you are interested in helping out please be sure to contact Kathleen Summer. She will be acting as our point person.

Have a great summer,

Alan Bingham
Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club