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  August 8, 2011
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Dear Alan, 


Storm athletes, coaches and parents:


One down and ... well there are still a lot to go.  What a great first week!  New families, returning families, and we still had a handful out of town.  Keep inviting your friends to practice to try it out.  You are continuing to prove why this team is so incredible.


So we got our first taste of the 100+ degree Valencia heat, and I hope you loved it.  You know what they say, if it doesn't kill you it'll only make you stronger.  I heard several of the athletes tell me by Saturday they didn't have cramps anymore which tells me you guys are figuring out the whole hydration issue.  Cramping is sometimes a result of not drinking enough, just as easy as cramping because you've drank too much.  Parents, help me with this and your kids, there is a point of saturation where you can drink too much.  The result is sloshing of the water in your stomach.  Test some different levels of intake if you think about it this week to come up with what seems to be the best for your kids.


Alright, well, let's get on to running.  For a lot of you, this was your first week of running like this.  I'm proud of you all for being so strong.  Keep having fun and again, in a couple weeks you'll feel like a whole new athlete out there.  This week will bring a lot of the same as last week, conditioning.  The goal is for your muscles and joints to get stronger so we can continue increasing the mileage and intensity of workouts.  We'll continue to get stronger with core and on that note, if you have any favorite core exercises please bring them to me.  Sometimes it's hard to have exercises that work for all of our ages so keep that in mind.


We're planning two exciting activities for the upcoming Saturday practices.  First is the Castaic youth triathlon this coming Saturday August 13th.  Again this is a 100yard swim, 3 mile bike, and 1 mile run.  The cost is $20 and all athletes receive a cool medal.  This will be a blast for all the kids and I encourage every one of you to come out there.  This event supports Canyon's HS Cross country.  Parents, you can and are encouraged to get out there on the course with your kids.  Our second activity will be Saturday August 20th.  I'd like to start a beach day tradition and have practice at Carpenteria State Beach.  The details are as follows:  we'll meet at the life guard station at the end of Linden Ave, near the volleyball courts.  Exit 86, go left to Carpenteria Ave, go right to Linden, then left to the end of the road.  Parking: there is free parking at the end of Linden or side streets by the houses, or you can pay $8 to park in the state beach parking [Go left on Palm Ave from Carpenteria Ave which is before Linden follow signs to the campground].  The plan will be to start practice at 10:30 which gives you time to sleep in a little.  It takes about an hour to get there.  By the time practice is over, it should be prime beach weather.  Bring your umbrella's, beach balls, and boogie boards.  And food for your family.  


I think that's it for now, my apologies for the novel!  Glad to meet all the new faces and I am very excited for the season.  It's going to be awesome!!!


Here's a Pre quote to think about: "Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started."


Thank you and happy running,

Coach Jeremy

Cross Country Practice 
Monday August 8 - Heritage Park Near Picnic Tables

Tuesday August 9 - Central Park Near Basketball Courts


Saturday August 13 - No Practice This weekend  

Optional Kids Triathlon at Castaic Lake - See below 


Monday & Tuesday Practices @ 6:00 PM
Cross Country Sign Ups

We are still accepting sign ups for the 2011 Cross Country season.


Cross Country practice began Monday of August 1st If you have not mailed in your paperwork please bring it with you to practice.  


Click Here to Download the paperwork.

Castaic Triathlon (Kids Tri) 
On separate note, This Saturday August 13th marks the second Castaic Lake Triathlon.  Those of you who know me well, know that I love to get the kids mixing it up in different complementing sports.  We will be putting on a kids version of the triathlon during the normal race and I will encourage all of the kids that can ride a bicycle confidently to come out and do the race.  Here's the details:
Swim 100yds, in standing depth water
Bike 3 miles, on sidewalks and partial park roads
Run 1 mile, on sidewalks



The cost is $20 and your kids are sure to have a blast.  Each athlete will receive a medal.  They can use any bike they have and again, the only requirement I have is they are able to ride a bike safely without immediate supervision.  You as parents are free to swim, bike and run right next to your kids if you want to.  I'll talk more about this at practice.

*Not affiliated with Santa Clarita Track Club, Inc (But recommended)


Coach Jeremy
Justin Baltau Update 

 Justin Baltau


 Justin Baltau Update - Tuesday 8/2/2011


Justin went to UCLA today with NO White Blood Cells or PLATELETS and very few red blood cells which is why he passed out yesterday. He is getting a blood transfusions as I write. DR is concerned about bleeds and infection. We are taking all precautions we can. He is scheduled for regular transfusions from now on. Latest scan shows less cancer but still a little...darn liver !! His next round or chemo begins August 11th and they advise us to be prepared for it's brutality. ... Justin is being strong, courageous and as always, humble and sweet. Please continue prayers and hope for him to not have ANY complications as he goes into these next four weeks With Great Hope. Shari


This brings up a need for blood and platelet donations, I am in the process of finding out how we go about helping. More in the next newsletter.  


An account has been setup for Justin at Lockheed Federal Credit Union. You may go in and deposit donations to the Justin Baltau directly. Its Account # 415744300. If you are sending in donations to us make the check out to "Santa Clarita Track Club" you may donated directly to Justin Baltau by going into Lockheed Federal Credit Union.


If you are interested in helping out please be sure to contact Kathleen Summer. She will be acting as our point person.

Post Season T&F update
Ekatrina at JOs

Congratulations to Midget Ekaterina Hupalo for her recent success in the 80 Meter Hurdles at the USA Track and Field Junior Olympic National Championships in Wichita, Kansas. She was the only 11 year old to not only win her semi-final heat, but also was the only 11 year old who advanced to the finals. Even under an extreme heat warning, she ran a personal best 13.22 to take a photo-finish second place and earn All-American honors. We're proud of you for representing the Storm and the Valley United Striders with your hard work and accomplishment! 

The Sports Specialist - Personal Training*
If you are looking to improve your skills, speed, and/or strength contact the Sports Specialist Mark Hayes at (818) 209-8211.


For information flyer click here 


*This program not affiliated with Santa Clarita Track Club.  (but recommended) 

Have a great summer,

Alan Bingham
Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club