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  September 25, 2012
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Parents and Athletes,

Team Extraordinaire,


I hope Corriganville lived up to its bill of goods for everyone. I enjoyed watching you fight for positions, fighting the dust, and just racing your guts out. Of course there were plenty of incredible kicks at the end of the races which always inspire me. You all have done such amazing things so far, but we're not finished yet. Stay with me.....


Sorry to miss practice tonight, work sometimes has to take priority. Thanks coach Elaine for taking over, not that she doesn't know what she's doing. I truly appreciate it. This week we keep the pressure on with the bye week. Tuesday night we will work hard with hills and tempo running. Thursday night we are going to lay out the home cross-country course at Central Park giving you a sneak peak at the last race of the season.


Welcome to the team late arrivals, a couple David's and who's that Kobe kid? Gang, we have 5 weeks to the last race of the regular season, so just a couple reminders

1.Stay healthy, take your vitamins, get good sleep, eat well, don't drink after other kids, wash your hands... and whatever else your mom tells you to do to stay healthy.

2.Keep your head in it. There are still some tough workouts ahead and you have to keep your focus on your goals. Some of you want to go to nationals, others just pass a couple more people. Whatever it is, focus young grasshoppers...


Alright, that's it for this week. Thanks again parents for your continued support of your kids. They are great!


Coach Jeremy

Practice week of September 24 - September 30

All evening practices begin at 6:00 pm Sharp.


Monday Sept 24 - West Creek Park


Tuesday Sept 25 - Central Park near the basketball courts


Thursday Sept 27 - Central Park near the basketball courts

Saturday Sept 29 - Central Park near the basketball courts

Practices at Central Park
Many people have received the following emails from the City of Santa Clarita Parks & Rec department's Rick Gould concerning mosquitoes around the Central Park area.


Dear parents, coaches, and park users:
The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control has confirmed the West Nile Virus to be present in the Central Park area. Please know, the City's Parks staff works in close coordination with Vector Control and is diligent to ensure no long term standing water is present at Central Park. Programming will continue; however, as a frequent park user, this information is being shared so you may take the following precautions:


  • Limit/Avoid Activity between dusk and dawn, when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Use mosquito repellent containing DEET, when outside.
  • Wear protective clothing (long sleeve shirts and pants).

More information is available at Should you have questions contact the Los Angeles County Vector Control District at (562) 944-9656.


  • We will continue practice at Central Park.
  • Please be advised to use BUG SPRAY for the practice at Central Park.
  • We will have some available for parents to apply to their own children if needed.
  • Please do not apply to other people's children without their parent's permission.
You can start turning on your donations any time now, see Alan or Elaine.

Our lap-a-thon. was held last Monday September 10th at Central Park. This is our primary fund raiser event, This fund raiser helps us keep our price low, allows us to offer scholarships, and assist our athletes in national competition.

We ask every family to seek pledges either by flat rate or a per lap donation. The athletes will run 45 minutes, later they return to their donors and collect their pledges to turn in by the deadline which is
Thursday October 4th.

We will award a grand prize to the athlete who raises the most funds. Every athlete who raises $40.00 will also win a prize.

The deadline to be eligible for the grand prize is October 4th. Athletes who raise $40.00 or more will be awarded the Lap-a-thon t-shirt.

Some Parents have asked if we still have Stormwear available, we do! but in limited sizes. Stormwear Order Form Please click the link, we do have shirts, hats, and some of the merchandise.

In an effort to emphasize the importance of maintaining scholastic ability in conjunction with athletic ability, The Santa Clarita Track Club, Inc, in cooperation with local school districts, awards a scholastic achievement medal to all active athletes that maintain a 'B+' (3.5) grade point average or better during the season. The medal is engraved with the student's name, year and symbol of the sport in which he/she is participating. A special President's award medal is presented to players that maintain straight A's

You must submit the Scholastic Form before the deadline in order to get the medal The Deadline for turning in your forms to be eligible for the award is October 4, 2012 at the end of practice


Alan Bingham
Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club