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Santa Clarita Track Club Newsletter
September 15, 2014

Dear Storm Family,


I have one word for the first meet: Wow!! Everyone did great, from Gremlins to Youth, from newbies to veterans. You guys all ran with a lot of heart and showed why Storm is truly amazing. Parents, thanks for getting your kids there on time, for participating in warm-ups, for cheering on everyone, and for committing to the team!! I couldn't be more pleased. Just think, we're only getting started. So what's next on the agenda...


This week we prepare for Pierce College. Newbies, you'll find a much different course this week. Can anyone give me an amen for hills? If you can't now, by Saturday at 12pm you will be. This course is a legitimate challenge and lots of fun. For the parents, it's a great course for spectating. Well, that is if you like to hike up the same hills your kids are running up.. J For kids, this is an historic course and you will enjoy it.


I'll encourage you this week in practice to take a quick check on your O'Meleveny race. Ask yourself one area you can improve on for this next week's race. As I spoke with a lot of you after the race, I left you with some points you'll hopefully remember. Some might want to take off a little slower this race, while others will want to work harder in the middle of the race. Whatever it is, think of that this week and work on it at practice. Remember in cross-country time is not the goal each week, it's place. By the end of the season you will qualify for post season races by place only. So this week try to move up a spot or two.


Remember this week to drink lots of water at school, and all day long, with the heat it till keep you from getting dehydrated, and will help with your running.


Let's get to it. 

Coach Jeremy

Was last week, now work on collecting those funds, and get them turned in.

This event is our primary fund raiser for our program. We require all athletes to participate in this event to help us off set the high costs of running this program.
The opt out donation is $40.00 and you could simply fill out the form and attach the opt out fee. Otherwise the kids are to seek help from family friends, and members (such as aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and other family friends such as church families).

On Monday September 8 the kids ran laps at central park on the dirt trail, while we played music through our PA system. We counted their laps. Some kids seek a per lap donation such as $2.00 per lap, after they have ran their laps they are able then to go back and get the funds from their donors and then turn those funds in, its fun for the kids and it helps our program very much.

We also will choose a grand prize for the athlete who raises the most funds by the deadline to turn in the funds.  

Practice This Week 
This Week we will be at the following locations:
Monday - West Creek - 6:00 pm
Near Picnic Tables 


Tuesday - College of the Canyons - 6:00 pm
Near Baseball Diamonds

Behind Track Stadium

(purchase day parking pass at kiosk for $2.00,
COC does issue parking tickets from time to time.)


Thursday - Central Park 6:00 pm
Near Basketball Courts


Saturday - 2nd Meet at Pierce College - 7:45 am

So Things To Bring to A meet

Some items to bring to a cross Country meet: Lawn chairs, a tarp or blanket to spread out on the lawn. Ice chest with drinks, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the park after the meets over or simply bring some snacks to enjoy during the meet. Shade umbrellas or Pop Up shade tent.  Note that some parks are a little hike from where we park at so a wagon can help to transport your equipment.

This Weeks Meet
Our 2nd Meet will be held at Pierce College on the Cross Country Course, it's located right next to the track, so look for the stadium lights.

Directions are on our website in the cross country pages. (Click the name of the meet).   

Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club