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April 10, 2007
Important Items
Welcome to Santa Clarita Track Club
In going over a few things at practice tonight, we came across some minor problems with our schedule so some items were moved to better suit our athletes and plans.
Alan Bingham
Well you might have caught it, we missed it There are a few schools having open house the night of our lap-a-thon so we moved it to Monday, April 23. We have updated the website and form to reflect this change.
No Practice This Thursday
Once again there is a track meet this Thursday at Valencia HS so we won't be having practice,
Meet Volunteers 
We need your help at the meets! According to the Conference rules visiting clubs are supposed to assist the Host club at track meets below is a list of some areas that don't take any skill but can use your help. Please email Terisa River and let her know what you can do to help! She has a big job trying to co-ordinate our volunteer force, and she can't do it without your help and willingness to tell her in what areas you can help. We want our club to be known as a working club! so please send to her how you can help, below is a list of some areas that we can assist in... 

SET UP CREW--------------------------7:00 Start time

(Canopies and required meet and field equipment)


HURDLE CREW------------------------7:00 Start time

(You only need to lift them, not jump over them!)



TAG TABLE MANAGERS-------------7:55 Start time

(Sit at the tables or at the top of the bleachers and hand out tags to a specific age group)


SPIKE SHOE MANAGER---------------8:15 Start time

(This is an easy; sit down in one place job)


LONG JUMP CREW-----------------8:30 Start time

(Measure jumps, record results on score sheets,  and rake pits-perfect for that weekend gardener!!)


SHOT PUT CREW-------------------8:30 Start time

(Forget the gym, this position gives you a great arm toning & weight lifting workout!)


TAG PULLERS---------------------------9:15 Start time

(The more we get, the faster we get it done and you get to see the finish of every race!)



Some hand/eye coordination and some patience. Other positions require the ability to write or type numbers, lift objects , wave flags.




Athlete's Name Spelling 
We have found that some of the names have been misspelled. We would like to correct any athlete who's name is misspelled. Please take the time to review the results page by clicking here and check that your child's names are spelled correctly. If not can you please send me an email and let me know so it can get corrected in the database template.
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No Practice On Thursday
Meet Volunteers
Athlete's Name Spelling
Alan Bingham
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