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Newsletter  April 23, 2007
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This Weekend's Track Meet
Picture day Wednesday
Board Elections
Event Results
Protect your Enthusiam...
Find the fun!
Practice This Week will be: 
Monday - Lapathon 6:00
Wednesday - Pictures 5:15
Thursday. 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm
 "You can't climb up to the second floor without a ladder....When you set your aim too high and don't fulfill it, then your enthusiasm turns to bitterness. Try for a goal that's reasonable, and then gradually raise it." ~Emil Zátopek
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Dear Alan,

What a great day! The weather was perfect! I want to thank everyone for chipping in and helping out! I saw a lot of people working hard at hosting this meet and it was a great success!
We have a very busy week ahead!
Please take a look below at Lap-a -Thon on Monday, Team Pictures on Wednesday and our Saturday /Sunday Invitational Meet to name a few of the things that we are going to be doing.
Have a great week!
Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club President

Here's this weeks reminders

to help you 
"lap" into a "picture perfect" week!

optional Invitational Track Meet This Saturday and Sunday

Our track meet is at Birmingham HS, in Van Nuys. 

·         Two day meet

·         No Gremlins

·         Pre registration required

·         $5.00 fee and parent commitment to volunteer at the meet.

This meet is called the Valley United Striders Invitational. It is the only chance we get to see the entire conference (13 teams) in one meet. It is a two-day meet, and due to the size of it, Gremlins are excluded, and competition is limited to two events and a relay per athlete. You can read more about in the flyer. Please check the schedule of events carefully some are on Saturday and others are on Sunday. A relay team must be coordinated in advance with team members and coaching staff. Please see the flyer for start times especially if you are competing in a field event .

Registration for your events, parent volunteer sign-ups, and fee collection will all be handled at the sign in table with Liz during this weeks practice. You must remember to bring the $5.00 fee to enter this meet! Liz will not register an athlete without money and parent volunteer commitment. Failure to provide adequate volunteers for both days of the meet will result in a hefty fine levied against our team by the Conference. Your cooperation is appreciated. We would like the distance families to arrive early to assist with the setup. The 200s and 100s and 4x400 relay families will be scheduled to assist with the clean up. All others, which include field event athlete's parent volunteers, may be used as gate monitors. There will be more discussion and information after we determine who registers from our team to participate.


Lap-a-thon is set to Rock'n Roll
Today, Monday~April 23rd! 
A SCTC Storm tradition
is set for tonights practice!
We are excited about each and every athlete participating. During the practice athletes will run laps on the track for one hour. This is a very fun event for the kids and an important fundraiser for our team. Money from this event keeps our registration fee low and helps us provide important track meet and training equipment for our athletes.

This is a music-motivated event; singing along, running to the tempo! Oh WAIT! YOU'RE NOT A DISTANCE RUNNER!? NOT important! This is a fundraiser not a race ~ run or walk/dance, create an hour-long relay team! Challenge yourself!  Just recruit your donations accordingly!

The more per athlete sponsors you get the more donations! There are 2 ways for sponsors to support our athletes, one is a per lap donation such as $2.00 per lap for you distance runners; the other is simply a flat donation of any amount, for example $35.00.

Our team will acknowledge who runs the most laps, what family raises the most money and all participants in this event.  Prizes are still being solicited, but movie or Disneyland tickets are anticipated for the top 3 athletes who raise the most funds for the club.

If for some reason you are unable to participate the night of the event, families are encouraged to OPT OUT by giving a tax-deductible donation of $35 payable to the SCTC. This is our only team fundraiser and requires our team family's support. Your effort will be recognized and appreciated. Participants (athletes collecting donations from their sponsors for $40 or more) in past years have received a Storm Lap-a-thon tee shirt or runner's water bottle.

When turning in money, we ask that only ONE CHECK PER FAMILY, payable to SCTC, be written for the entire amount the athlete has raised. (Sponsor check donations written directly to the club by non-members may not be credited to your child.)

You can download a pledge form here, the due date to turn in the funds is May 3rd. Flat donations can be turned in immediately. Prizes will be awarded based on the most funds raised and turned in by May 3rd 7:45pm. Funds will still be accepted after that date but won't count towards the grand prizes.
Team Pictures this Wednesday !   April 25th 5:15 - 7:45

Team pictures will be taken by Phil from the Falcons this week.  Each athlete will get an individual picture package in addition to a whole team picture. 

Please make sure that your athlete wears their team uniform to practice!


We have a lot of athletes to be photographed ~ please arrive early ~ so pictures are taken in the daylight. We will be starting at 5:15. 
Each team member will receive "package A". But there are additional optional picture packages available for sale by downloading the form.
Board Elections

The club is seeking nominations for the board of directors, we will be having a general membership meeting next month to elect a slate of candidates to the board of directors. If you are interested in any of the positions Please contact Alan Bingham

Click here for more information.

Event Results at track meets
Thanks to all of you for your terrific response to this article. Your support is what being a team is all about!
We try to have accurate results, however it has been noticed that some athletes at some of the meets have been given incorrect results. Please review your child's results and make sure that they are correct, if we have an incorrect result please let us know, we can fix it. (example, an athlete has ran an event, and is not listed in the results) we need to know this ASAP so we can get it corrected. Alan is still working on the first 2 meets. We have had several errors to correct. So please help us out by looking at the results and reporting any mistakes that you find. In most cases with 2500 athletes in the database it's just a typo and someone else has been credited with your child's result. We do have in most instances the data to find out exactly who should be listed. But your review guarantees our accuracy and success.
Note that at our home meets we will be posting event results on the electric panel box across from the finish line. Your reviews are very helpful because we are setup and can fix problems on the fly.
Protect Your Enthusiasm...  Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun.
"You can't climb up to the second floor without a ladder....When you set your aim too high and don't fulfill it, then your enthusiasm turns to bitterness. Try for a goal that's reasonable, and then gradually raise it." ~Emil Zátopek
Emil Zátopek (1922-2000) One of the greatest runners of the 20th Century, Emil Zátopek achieved legendary status when he won the 5,000, the 10,000 and the marathon at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki.

"The Locomotive" or the "Bouncing Czech" as he came to be known, dominated long distance running from 1948 until 1954 when he won a remarkable 38 consecutive 10,000 meter races, including 11 in 1949 alone. He set 18 world records over various distances including every record from 5K to 30K, and won four Olympic gold medals and one silver. He was the first to run a 10K under 29 minutes and the first to run 20K in one hour.

Find the fun! We're going to have a great week!
Heidi I Gierard - Public Relations
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