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Newsletter May 7, 2007
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This weeks Meet
League Finals
"One foot in front of the other," "run tall," "breathe easy"
These messages can ease performance-related stress and relax your body, helping you run betterJ
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Wow, was that a windy meet or what? Despite the wind, it looked like a lot of our athletes still were able to qualify in events. I saw a few club records get broken and have updated the website to show those new records. 
I want everyone to have a great week, work hard, as this weekends meet will show who is going to League Final Championships.
There will be no practice this Thursday due to a school event at Valencia HS.
Have a great week
Alan Bingham

Our track meet this week is at home ~ Valencia HS. This is the last qualifying meet for our athletes who wish to compete in the Individual Event Championships. (see League Finals article below)   We look forward to seeing all of you this Saturday!

As always we will need everyone's help!  Set-up will be a big part. Parents; volunteers are needed to arrive at 7:00am to help out. If you have a truck I could use you early at 6:30 in the parking lot, Alan will be timing the foothill league championship meet Friday night and will not have a chance to load his truck like he did last time, so we will need to pick up the tents and other equipment from the storage across the street.

Terisa RiverPlease see Terisa at practice and ask how you can assist us. She will have a volunteer assignment sheet needing your input! We have 7 pop-up tents that need to be setup, long jump sand pits needing to be turned and raked smoothly, we need to setup timing tents and all the equipment, move all that stuff from the end of the track to the timing area, staging tents, move to the benches to the center of the field, shade tents up in the stands for our athletes, set the cones around the jogging lane,  hurdles need to be setup, you get the picture, there's a lot of work. We will need a crew to stay until the end to help take everything down and get it moved across the street back into storage. Your volunteer contribution in a meet is a great example to your athlete of what a team effort can accomplish.
For more information about at track meet Click here
League Finals
There is a seeding meeting for league finals next Tuesday evening, if you have obtained a qualifying mark,(see link) Qualifying Standards  you earned the right to participate in League Finals on Sunday, May 20th. You will be seeded into the event according to your best time, jump, or throw.  (see link for your results) Whole Team  If you are listed in the top 10-12 athletes in a event,(see link) Eastern League: Individual there is a good chance you will be invited to compete in that event, we must know your desires after our home meet this weekend, May 12th, Saturday.
Open finals meet will be Saturday May 19th, athletes who do not have a qualifying mark attend this meet. Please note some events are more populated than others so...  you may still be invited to the League Championship meet depending on which event you have found success. This is particularly true with relay teams ~(example;  4x400 last event of the day) often comprised of some members with qualifying marks and some members without qualifying marks. If invited we must know if you want to go to the Championship Meet (5-20-2007)or the Open Meet (5-19-2007). You may not participate in both meets.
Note, if you choose the open meet, that will be your last meet. If you choose the League Championship meet, there is a possibility that you might end up invited to the Individual Event Championships in Moorpark, Saturday, June 2nd.
Good Luck!
Our coaches will be happy to help you with your decision and any questions you may have about these events.
On Monday night, April 23rd we ran for 1 hour while a DJ played music! Our fundraiser was a success. The athletes did an awesome job and we saw everyone having a good time. Thank you to everyone who participated and turned in their Lap-a-thon funds.
This fundraising event is extremely important to our team. Funds are still being accepted, but won't count towards the prizes. As a grand prize the top athlete who raised the most funds by the cut off date will get 4 tickets to Disneyland (2 adult, and 2 children). 
Prizes will be given in each age group based on the most funds raised and turned in by May 3rd . 
Prizes will be awarded May 17th at our last team practice.
Board of Directors Nominations
Our board of directors are YOU the parents who actively want to contribute to the success and decisions affecting our athletes.
The club is seeking nominations for the board of directors, we will be having a General Membership meeting at the May 17th practice to elect a slate of candidates to the board . We hope you are interested in one of the positions or know someone that would contribute to success of our club as part of our Board of Directors. Please contact  Alan Bingham !
We plan to be voting on new board members before the end of our spring track season.

Click here for more information.

Self Awareness and Word Play
Self-awareness includes a recognition of our strengths and weaknesses. Developing self-awareness can help us to recognize when we are stressed or under pressure.  Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life. Self awareness is only a curse if you focus on your failures.  
"Choice Words" an article by Gigi Douban in Runner's World Mag. (May 2007) claims "Self-talk can be a motivational tool for athletes.  Mantras--those short power bytes you play over and over in your head--can help you stay focused and centered.  "The purpose of having a mantra is to evoke a certain feeling or sensation that will pull you along," says Gloria Balague, Ph.D., a sports psychologist. Even tried-and-true mantras may not always work. Your go-to mantras, "pick it up" or "push harder," might inspire you when you stand a chance of picking it up or pushing harder. But giving yourself orders that you physically can't obey is more likely to discourage you than move you. "Telling yourself something that you don't believe isn't going to help," Balague says. "You cannot lie to yourself successfully." Instead, focusing on things you can control ("one foot in front of the other," "run tall," or "breathe easy"). These messages can ease performance-related stress and relax your body, helping you run better.
 Gabriel Jennings Team Running USA member, 1500 meters ~When Jennings, 28, was running for Stanford University, he memorized the Declaration of Independence. "During a run, I'd just repeat it," he says. Today, he reads a poem a day. "Often I'll take a stanza and run to it."
Find your words and you'll pick-up the pace!
Have a great week,
Heidi Gierard
Santa Clarita Track Club
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