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Newsletter Monday, May 14, 2007
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League Finals
Lap-a-thon Prizes and Jamba Juice
Board of Directors Nominations
Team Picnic
Practice This Week will be: 
Monday,Wednesday &Thursday
6:00 pm - 7:45 pm  

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results."

"I ran and ran and ran every day, and I acquired this sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened."
       -Wilma Rudolph
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I can't believe this years season is amost over, its been a great season and I have seen a lot of success with everyone on the team!  This is the last official week of practice for most athletes. 
Tuesday night will be a seeding meeting for the League Finals meet which is Sunday, only athletes who have obtained a qualifing mark and those who have been invited can attend on Sunday. All others will go on Saturday to the Open Final Meet. This will conclude our Track and Field season for this year.
We will be having a very important meeting on Thursday during practice, so please make sure everyone attends.
 If you want to keep running, look for our cross country sign ups in July.  More information will follow at the team picnic.
Have a great week,
Alan Bingham
 Final Meet Weekend ~ Seize the DAY!

Our track meets this weekend are at  Birmingham HS. For many of our athletes this will be our their meet.

 League Open Final Meet
@ Birmingham HS
(Saturday May 19, 2007)
1/4" or less Needle Spikes
(This event is open to all age groups
No League Qualifiers allowed in any events)
 League Championship Meet
Birmingham HS(Sunday May 20, 2007)
1/4" or less Needle Spikes
(League Qualifiers and Invitees only - No Gremlins in this meet)
Our track club is a member of the Valley Youth Conference. Most teams we will be competing with are based in the north Los Angeles County area.  Please check driving directions for this meet and allow plenty of time for travel.
Athletes must have competed in at least of the seasons meets to go to either League Championship, or Open Final Meets. This usually means 3 of the 6 regular meets.


An athlete is eligible to compete in the League Finals if they attain a mark equal to or better than the qualifying standards. These standards are posted on our website


Only those athletes who did not qualify to compete in the League Finals are eligible to participate in the Open Finials. The awards are medals or ribbons. Gremlin post-season competition is confined to this event.

I.E.C. (Individual Event Championships)

Otherwise known as the Conference Finals, this is the final event of the year at the conference level. The top four (4) finishers in each event from both leagues (East & West) compete for medals and ribbons.
As always we will need volunteers! Parent participation will be anticipated. 
Terisa RiverPlease see Terisa at practice and ask how you can assist us. She will have a volunteer assignment sheet needing your input! Your volunteer contribution in a meet is a great example to your athlete of what a team effort can accomplish.
For more information about this weekends track meets Click here
League Finals
If you think you've obtained a qualifying mark,(see link) Qualifying Standards  you earned the right to participate in League Finals on Sunday, May 20th. You will be seeded into the event according to your best time, jump, or throw.  (see link for your results) Whole Team  If you are listed in the top 10-12 athletes in a event,(see link) Eastern League: Individual there is a good chance you will be invited to compete in that event, we must know your desires after our home meet this weekend, May 12th, Saturday.
Open finals meet will be Saturday May 19th, athletes who do not have a qualifying mark attend this meet. Please note some events are more populated than others so...  you may still be invited to the League Championship meet depending on which event you have found success. This is particularly true with relay teams ~(example;  4x400 last event of the day) often comprised of some members with qualifying marks and some members without qualifying marks. If invited we must know if you want to go to the Championship Meet (5-20-2007)or the Open Meet (5-19-2007). You may not participate in both meets.
Note, if you choose the open meet, that will be your last meet. If you choose the League Championship meet, there is a possibility that you might end up invited to the Individual Event Championships in Moorpark, Saturday, June 2nd.
Good Luck!
Our coaches will be happy to help you with your decision and any questions you may have about these events.
 This Thursday,May 17th we will give out Lapathon Prizes, along with Jamba Juice to celebrate the last day of practice!
On Monday night, April 23rd we ran for 1 hour while a DJ played music!
 Our fundraiser was a success. The athletes did an awesome job and we saw everyone having a good time. Thank you to everyone who participated and turned in their Lap-a-thon funds.
This fundraising event is extremely important to our team. Funds are still being accepted, but won't count towards the prizes. As a grand prize the top athlete who raised the most funds by the cut off date will get 4 tickets to Disneyland (2 adult, and 2 children). 
Prizes will be given in each age group based on the most funds raised and turned in by May 3rd . 
We understand that some of you have school conflicts and may be unable to attend. Those who are not present can receive their prize at the team picnic June 3rd, Newhall Park.
Board of Directors Nominations
Our board of directors are YOU the parents who actively want to contribute to the success and decisions affecting our athletes.
The club is seeking nominations for the board of directors, we will be having a General Membership meeting at the May 17th practice to elect a slate of candidates to the board . We hope you are interested in one of the positions or know someone that would contribute to success of our club as part of our Board of Directors. Please contact  Alan Bingham !
We plan to be voting on new board members before the end of our spring track season.

Click here for more information.

Team Picnic June 3rd at 12 - 2 pm
Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

11:30 A.M. (Lunch served at 12:00)

Newhall Park
24923 Newhall Ave
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Click here for a map


Food Assignments:

Everyone needs to help out by bringing extra food, rule of thumb, bring enough for twice your family. Bring 2 items.

Bantams & Intermediates :

Drinks 1- 12 pack or 2- 6 pack any type of soda, juice boxes, water. NO TWO LITER BOTTLES!! Please put in an ice chest with ice.

Please make sure there is enough for everyone to have at least 2 drinks each.

Gremlin and Midgets: Side Dishes - Salads, potato salad, coleslaw, fruit, baked beans, chips & dips, veggies, etc. PLEASE REMEMBER A SERVING SPOON

Bring at least enough for your family and another family.

Youths: Dessert for 12 - PLEASE precut or sliced finger desserts would be great. I.E. Cookies, brownies, etc.

***Game suggestions are also welcome!!!


We are still accepting donations for the Coaches thank-you dinner.
Please see  Alan or Darren


You can find out more by clicking here
Have a great week,
Heidi Gierard
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