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Newsletter for March 2, 2009
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Welcome to the Storm Track and Field, we start practice this week, look below for specific details.
Some athletes need to get their paperwork completed, so please be sure to check if your child's name is highlighted on the sign in roster, they may need something from you such as an athlete signature or Birth certificate.
Please be sure to bring a water bottle and sweats with your child tonight. Gremlin Parents are required to remain on site during practice.
RAIN - remember if it's raining we don't practice! A good rule of thumb is if your wipers are on, do not drop off your kids.
We'll see you tonight!
Alan Bingham
Practices are held Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at Valencia High School on the track starting at 6:00 pm 
Pick up will be about 7:15 this week, please be sure to walk up to the gate this week and check your child in, double check our roster that we've spelled your child's name correctly.
In the month of March we also have practices on Saturdays 10:00 - 12:00 noon, at the Track at Valencia HS.
Some athlete's paperwork is incomplete, if you sent in your paperwork and did not include a county Birth Certificate, please bring a copy today. Your child will be moved to the waiting list if their paperwork is incomplete Next Monday Please see Michele Ewing if you have any questions.
We still have some space available on our team we are expecting to fill up this week. If you would like to join our team please visit our website and download the Sign Up Paperwork Packet, fill it out and bring it to practice.
Visit our website for more information!
New Family Orientation Meeting
If you missed the meeting last Tuesday, the agenda has been put online so you can download it and read it. It explains some of the facility rules and our policies.
Jelly Beans & Jolly Ranchers
Parents we ask that you bring 2 bags of jelly beans or Jolly Ranchers starting this evening. We are also looking for some help in this area. If you can assist with jelly bean distribution, please see Michele.