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  March 29, 2010
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Lap-A-Thon Fundraiser
Jelly Beans or Jolly Ranchers
Uniforms & Merchandise
Fitness Club
Lost & Found
Loaner Spikes
Gremlin Parents
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Track 2010
Develop your speed
Build your Endurance
Improve your Technique
Running Events: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 4x100m, 4x400m, 80m Hurdles, 100m Hurdles
Field Events:
Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump
Track is the one sport that is good training for all sports, whether its Football, Basketball, Soccer, or Baseball, Track & Field will improve your speed, endurance and coordination.
Practice will begin on March 1st, 2010
Wow, the mock meet was fantastic and the kids did great. I want to thank everyone who helped out during the meet and especially with the setup and teardown, it takes a little bit more to come out early and get everything setup and then to stay a bit late to make sure it all gets put up also.  Thank you. Results are still being complied, but will be published to the website on the track page, the data may change, to correct errors that I may have caused.  
This week, Valencia High has open house on Thursday, so we will have practice on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and not on Thursday.
Saturday will be our first meet at Valencia High School, we will set up at 7:00 AM, The meet will start at 8:45 AM  We expect the meet to end between 2:00  and 3:00 PM.  We will have another email going out with more information specific to the meet.
See you at practice
Alan Bingham
This Weeks Track & Field Practice 
This week our practices will be held on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 6:00 - 7:45pm.
All Athletes will need to bring with them a bottle of water with their name on it. A light jacket with their name clearly marked inside next to the collar label. and a good pair of running shoes.
We ask that athletes attend at least 2 practices per week.
If it's raining practice is canceled. However we will practice in a light sprinkle. This makes it tricky, many times it is not raining at the Track when it's raining at home. Do not drop your athlete off if there is a chance of a canceled practice, please stick around.
Lap-A-Thon Fundraiser
You can download the
Pledge forms by clicking here  or by visiting our website.
The due date to turn in the funds is Tax day April 15, 2010. Flat donations can be turned in immediately.
Prizes will be awarded based on the most funds raised and turned in by April 15, 2010. Funds will still be accepted after that date but won't count towards the grand prizes, but will go towards the Storm T-shirt.
If you have any questions about this fund raiser please talk to Michele or Alan.
Jelly Beans
We are short on Jelly Beans, We have plenty of Jolly Ranchers, We ask the if you have not picked up any candy, that you please bring 2 10 oz bags of jelly beans per family.  
Uniforms & Merchandise
Uniforms and Merchandise are in and will be handed out on Monday night. If your athlete was on the wait list or has recently been added, you might have to pick up your uniform Friday or Saturday at the meet.
Fitness Club
The fitness club will meet on Monday & Wednesday 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM.
The cost of the program is $20.00 fee per month. To Register please visit the Club pages of our website.
Lost & Found
Item left at the end of practice are collected and stored in our storage bin till the next practice, they are then placed on the fence next to the gate to enter the track. Please check to see if any items you are missing are there.  We have a lot of Storm Sweat shirts. Please put your name on your items.
Loaner Spikes
Each year we have athletes who have out grown their previous year's spikes we ask that you donate those spikes to us, and we in turn check them out your teammates to borrow for the season. If your child has out grown last years spikes and they are still laying around please bring them Wednesday and see Mr Provens.  
He will also be issuing spikes to athletes who want to try them for the season. If the size is available.
Gremlin Parents
A reminder that all gremlin parents need to stay with their children during all practices that their children attend and that parents need to keep additional children and/or siblings with them in the stands or near by if they are on the field helping with the group but they cannot be sent with another gremlin athlete alone to watch over them during practice w/o parental supervision.
All parents need to stay at the track meets that their children are competing at.
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Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club