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  May 10, 2010
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Track 2010
Develop your speed
Build your Endurance
Improve your Technique
Running Events: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 4x100m, 4x400m, 80m Hurdles, 100m Hurdles
Field Events:
Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump
Track is the one sport that is good training for all sports, whether its Football, Basketball, Soccer, or Baseball, Track & Field will improve your speed, endurance and coordination.
Practice for the next two weeks will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
We really need your help at our final home meet, we've setup a sign up sheet for you to help schedule the help into shifts, we will train you, last weeks meet we had to have our coaches assist in some of the jobs to finish the meets. We really need your help to host meets, our coaches are needed to coach the athletes, so please help us out. You can click here to sign up.
I'll see you on Thursday, I'll be traveling again this week you can reach me via email if you need anything.
This Weeks Track & Field Practice 
This week our practices will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6:00 - 7:45pm.
All Athletes will need to bring with them a bottle of water with their name on it. A light jacket with their name clearly marked inside next to the collar label. and a good pair of running shoes.
We ask that athletes attend at least 2 practices per week.
If it's raining practice is canceled. However we will practice in a light sprinkle. This makes it tricky, many times it is not raining at the Track when it's raining at home. Do not drop your athlete off if there is a chance of a canceled practice, please stick around.
I am unable to take your calls on Monday April 12th, you'll have to make your best judgment if we'll be having practice, Best advice I can give you is, "if your wipers are on, Practice is canceled". if they are not on, then park the car and walk up to the track and please do stick around, it can end up being canceled before 7:45.
Qualifying for League Finals, Open Final Meet, Individual Event Championships
Athletes must have competed in at least of the seasons meets to go to either League Championship, or Open Final Meet. This usually means 3 of the 7 regular meets.
LEAGUE CHAMPIONS FINAL MEET (Sunday May 23): An athlete is eligible to compete in the League Champions Final meet if they attain a mark equal to or better than the qualifying standards. They may also qualify by being in the top 8 of the league. If an athlete has a top mark better than the qualifying standard in any event, they must attend the league champions meet on Sunday.
OPEN FINALS (Saturday May 22): Only those athletes who did not qualify to compete in the League Championship are eligible to participate in the Open Finials, All Gremlin attend this Saturday Open meet. All athletes who attend this meet is their final event. 
The awards are medals to the top 6 athletes of the events the rest receive a championship ribbon @ both meets.
INDIVIDUAL EVENT CHAMPIONSHIP MEET (Saturday June 5): This is the final event of the year at the conference level. The top four (4) finishers in each event from both leagues (East & West) and the best fifth fastest time will be invited to compete in this Conference wide Championship meet to be held this year at Drake Stadium (UCLA)  on June 5th. 
Coaches Dinner Donations
Donations for the coaches thank you dinner will be accepted at all practice, meets and the picnic. 
Save the Date - Awards Picnic
The Award Picnic will be held Sunday, June 6th at Newhall Park 11:30am (Lunch served at 12:30pm).
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