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  June 11, 2010
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Dear Alan,    
I hope everyone enjoyed the picnic, and those who couldn't make it we missed you, it was a great way to end the season.
I ended up taking a few days off from Track & Field, but now it's back to the last final remaining things to handle, have a great summer we'll see you next year.
Alan Bingham
Trophies, Pictures, Ribbons & Plaque Pick Up
Communication boxes are on my porch and there are many items in them, the following people have something to pick up in the communication box.
Savannah M Aaver, Ethan L Acosta, Sabrina L Acosta, Aidan C Adante, Jason M Aguirre, Justin T Aguirre, Kelsey Alter, Anyah M Anderson, Jade Ane, James A Arambula, Darryn J Arnold, Sterling M Beaumon, Blake D Beeler, Joshua M Benedict, Tanner Berney, Briet Bjornsson, Douglas Bjornsson, Ellis R Bosarge, Miles A Bosarge, Alysa A Branda, Daniel J Branda, Kaleb Z Branda, Nathan A Branda, Jewell F Brillantes, Keaton Burghardt, Cassidy M Bygum, Alondra Calderon, Jimmy Calderon, Bryce A Covelli, Kyle Covelli, Brandon A Crockett, Brianna A Crockett, Jack Darbourne, Megan G Darbourne, Brooke M De La Cerda, Taylor N De La Cerda, Colton J Dolder, Luke Doukakis, Ally Ebner, Max H Goldberg, John A Haro, Analysse M Hernandez, Antoinette Hernandez, Noelani A Hernandez, Calvin J Hoffmann, Brandon N Iles, Sele M Joachim, Shania G Joachim, Erica R Johnson, Sean J Keegan, Claire A Kenny, Grace B Kenny, Trevin P Kozlowski, Viraj Lakhotia, Daniel W Lee, Kandyce C Leger, Katherine Lin, Aidan Lindgren, Mia Lindgren, Nicolas Lindgren, Carlos A Lozano,  Alexander S Mehta, Mikayla T Nicholls, Skye E O'Connor, Slade I O'Connor, Erik W Ohl, Philip T Palacio, Amber R Pare, Kaidon R Peterson, Karli L Peterson, Kenedi M Peterson, Xavier L Provens, Napoleon L Provens III, Connor P Radding, William O Radding, Gillian C Rideaux, Cody L Roelofson, Lauren A Sehenuk, Savannah A Sehenuk, Zalliah S Simmons, Bailey A Smith, Hunter H Smith, Benjamin W Spaulding IV, Andrew N Spyrka, Ella L Stepan, Gibson E Stone, William W Stone, Dylan R Tait, Kayla R Tait, Ryan R Tait, Patience Thomas, Pej L Thomas, Michael T Trunzo, Andrew J Villa, Ethan Wesley, Brock T Williams, Christian K Williams, Chelsea M Winston, Clayton A Woods, Evan A Wosk, Amanda T Yamamoto, Brooke M Yamamoto, Jordan K Yamamoto, Nicholas K Yamamoto, Darius M Zbojniewicz.
The following people have a plaque to pick up:
PR Award Plaque: Solomon Strader, & Cesar Ponce
Presidents' Award Plaque: Catalina Castillo-Lozano & Darryn Arnold
Scholastic Award Plaque: Kyle Ensing, Ashley Rasplicka, Kylie Rasplicka, Andrew Spyrka, & Callista Willis
Please try to pick these up in the next two weeks, or call and make arrangements with me to hang on to them for you. All items will be taken back to storage the July Holiday weekend.
Thank You 
On behalf of the board, I want to thank all the people who made the 2010 season our best season ever! We had more volunteers this year working our meets, everyone pouring their hearts into this club to assist in all of the tasks that we have to do. Coaching, meet management, and operations, concessions, uniform distribution, Storm Wear sales, taking pictures, tag pulling. We have some volunteers that do not have children on the team, we have a lot of people who give so much of themselves, and it really shows in the quality of this program.
I am so very happy with all your hard work, sure I give a lot also, but I could not do it alone, there are many people who help out, Elaine by leading the coaching staff, Michele, and Bettie Jo who do so much by ordering pictures, tracking scholastic achievement awards, ordering all of the trophies, and plaques Lisa and Monica and Loretta who give of themselves for our board meetings, and putting labels on the ribbons. We have others who you never see, yet they come to our meetings and help us by serving this club expressing their ideas on fund raising, and other operations.
Then there are the parents who come each week and help setup the meets, (including away meets) our club is by far the best club (in my opinion) I could go on and on, there are so many people who give so much and it's not just for their kids, but for all the kids, they are driven to give of themselves. and they become servants of this club. There really are a lot of you who have given so much and I want to thank you and your spouses who have allowed you to work as hard as you have for the club, your kids will reap the rewards of your labors. Thank you
Cross Country 2010
We are accepting signups for our 2010 Cross Country Program. You can download the paperwork by clicking the following links: Sign Up Paperwork  Please follow the instructions in the packet.
Storm Cross Country Features: 
Valley Youth Conference Competition with meets in Santa Clarita Valley, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, & Los Angeles County. (Final Schedule yet pending). 
For Boys and Girls ages 5 - 16 in all athletic abilities. (Running Required!!!) 
Athletes compete on a course ranging from 2 K to 4 K depending on age.
Athletes eligible for Post Season, with possibility of competing for the National Junior Olympics.
Team Awards Banquet at Santa Clarita Sports Complex. 
Memory book, or video of season given at the banquet.
Experienced Coaching Staff
Fun Fun Fun!!! 
Our first day of practice will be on Heritage Park 6:00 PM, near the picnic tables.
For More information contact David Summer at 661-644-0322 or 
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Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club