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  April 27 2011
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 Dear Parents,  


This weekend we will be running our concession stand, we are going to need several parents to help Stephanie & Brent. I've set it up in 2 hour shifts.


Also several of our key photographers will be missing this weekend's meet. This is your chance to step up and help by taking pictures of the kids for the weekly slideshow video, to be featured on the main page of our website. please try to give those shots that you take to me on Monday. I can accept them either on a flashdrive or CD-rom.


Jolly Ranchers & Jelly Beans If you have not turned in any Jelly Beans or Jolly Ranchers please do so now, we've ran out of Jolly Ranchers and our supply of Jelly Beans is low also.

Practice Schedule 
Monday April 25, 6:00 - 7:45 at VHS  

Tuesday April 26 6:00 - 7:45 at VHS 

Thursday April 28, 6:00 - 7:45 at VHS   

Meet Volunteers - Sign Up Please
During practice I will have a sign up sheet with jobs that must be done at the meet. We really need to know who is working the meets, so we know that the events are covered. we will teach you everything that you need to know to do it.
Volunteers get a Grey Storm T-Shirt for working the meets.
So please see me at practice on Thursday to get your shirt and sign up for the meet.  
Jelly Beans & Jolly Ranchers           
If you have not yet turned on any Jelly Beans or Jolly Ranchers, please do so now, we've ran out of Jolly Ranchers, and our supply of Jelly Beans is low. The kids really do like these treats at the end of practice.
Video Files 
Each week, I put together a video of the meets, these are random shots taken by parents, I put them to music, they are usually on the front page of the website, there is a big box with a triangle pointing to the right, you simply click that image and the video will start, You can also look down the right hand side of the website to the video link which will take you to a page containing all of them. I am also working on posting the pictures from those videos to our picture page which is hosted on webshots. Click here our photo albums.
Concession Help Needed
Concessions Help NeededThis weekend we will be running our own concessions, Stephanie and Brent Archibald will be heading it up. They will be needing some help working in the booth, We are asking for 4 adults to help run the stand in 2 hour shifts. I've setup on the sign up sheet to help select your spot. The stand is open from 8:00 - 2:00.   

Alan Bingham
Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club