Mission Oaks park is located at
Mission Oaks Blvd and Oak Canyon
in the city of Camarillo.

1:  Merge onto I-5 S toward LOS ANGELES.    
2:  Take I-405 S toward SANTA MONICA.    
3:  Merge onto CA-118 W toward SIMI VALLEY.    
4:  Merge onto CA-23 S via the exit- on the left.    
5:  Take the TIERRA REJADA RD exit.    
6:  Turn RIGHT onto TIERRA REJADA RD.    
7:  Turn LEFT onto MOORPARK RD.    
8:  Turn RIGHT onto SANTA ROSA RD.    
9:  Turn RIGHT onto WOODCREEK RD.    
10:  Turn RIGHT onto MISSION OAKS BLVD.    
11:  End at Mission Oaks Blvd & Oak Canyon Rd Camarillo CA    

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