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  June 6, 2013
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Dear Parent


 Happy D-Day

Awards Pick Up 
If you were unable to attend the picnic you may pick up your ribbons and trophy at my home.
The Communication boxes are on the porch
They will be there till SUNDAY June 9, 2013 at which time they will be put away into storage. (Extended 1 Week!)


27900 Youngberry Dr
Saugus, CA 91350
Corner of Alaminos and Youngberry Dr.
Team Trophy 
You may have missed the award picnic held on May 19th, we handed out to each athlete a team trophy. If you missed the picnic but got all other items through the season, you can pick up a trophy in the box under the table on my front porch.
Cross Country Sign Ups
Storm Kids Cross Country Sign Ups for Cross Country are now open. you may download the signup paperwork by visiting our website. The season will begin in August. We are still in the process of finalizing our schedule. So there will be more news on that as we move into summer. 

Alan Bingham
Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club