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  August 12, 2013
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Hey Team,


First week is in the bag!  Only 11 regular season weeks to go until our final meet.  It literally flies by so let's try to enjoy each day.  I'm proud of all of you for keeping with it.  I see some smiling faces, some "what did I get myself into faces", and then some "I don't know if I can keep going faces".  I'll tell you this, week 2 is probably the hardest week mentally.  You've got to dig deep and tell yourself one more day because in the third week you will start to crest a hill and your body will start saying "this isn't too bad".  You are all doing so well!  I'm hearing a lot of positive comments from parents that the athletes are communicating and that keeps me excited!


Parents, thanks for getting your kids out there to practice and for helping me to encourage them to keep going.  Once we get them to the third week, those on the fence will never look back.


This week we will continue with a lot of what you saw in the first week.  Getting some distance in without breaking the body.  We'll increase the times a little and get into some more hills.  We will also be working to place the athletes in the correct running groups.  This isn't necessarily by age but at this point more by ability.  We will now have a group 1 (mainly youth with a handful of more experienced midget runners), group 2 (some youth but primarily stronger midget runners), group 2b (new midget runners and stronger bantam/ gremlin runners), and group 3 (bantams/gremlins).


Don't forget to check your shoes, you need some solid running shoes!


Please bring a water and electrolyte to practice.  I don't promote this as often as I should but if you need an electrolyte, Gatorade is ok but really contains a lot of sugar and ends up not being great for your body.  I am big on needing proper nutrition so my personal use and recommendation of over 16 years are Shaklee products.  If you have questions, ask me, if you want to check them out go to  and then click About Me and choose the Age Group Athletes button on the left. 


I'm looking forward to an amazing season ahead of us and please, any time you have a question feel free to email me or ask me at practice.


Thank you,
Coach Jeremy


Cross Country Sign Ups

Sign Ups for Cross Country are still open. Please download the signup paperwork and bring it to practice.
Jelly Beans & Jolly Ranchers 
At this time we are going to ask that you hold on to your donations of jelly beans or Jolly ranchers, we have plenty for the time being, we will let you know if we need more.
Practice For The Week Of Aug 12 - Aug 17

Monday Aug 12 - West Creek Park (Click for a map)
24093 W Village Cir, Valencia, CA 91354
(Take Rio Norte Dr, towards Jr HS, go to Village Circle Drive, its a one way street, turn right and go all the way around, we will be meeting at the picnic tables, there is parking all the way around the park.)


Tuesday Aug 13 - College of the Canyons next to Baseball diamonds


Thursday Aug 15 - Central Park near the basketball courts


Saturday Aug 17 - we will be at Carpenteria State Beach Closing out the week we'll have our first beach day. Saturday's practice this week is going to be at 10:30 at Carpinteria State Beach. The details are as follows: we'll meet at the life guard station at the end of Linden Ave, near the volleyball courts. Exit 86, go left to Carpinteria Ave, go right to Linden, then left to the end of the road. Parking: there is free parking at the end of Linden or side streets by the houses, or you can pay $8 to park in the state beach parking [Go left on Palm Ave from Carpinteria Ave which is before Linden follow signs to the campground]. The plan will be to start practice at 10:30 which gives you time to sleep in a little. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes to get there. By the time practice is over, it should be prime beach weather. Bring your umbrella's, beach balls, and boogie boards. And picnic food for your fam ily.

Beach Run and Fun in the Sun
We will be meeting on Saturday August 17 at Carpenteria State Beach at 10:30 am for our practice, Please plan on staying after practice for a fun day at the beach. Pack a lunch, bring your beach chair and enjoy the sun and surf.
Urgent Alert Text System
If you would like to join our Urgent Alert Text System, on your cell phone text the word "STORMXC" to 41411 and you should be greeted with a welcome message, we use this system rarely for very important urgent alerts, for example, We cancel practice early due to unforeseen circumstances.

Alan Bingham
Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club