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  August 26, 2013
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Hey team,


What a way to end the 3rd week of the season!  Did I just say 3rd week?  I told it was going to fly. 


So if you missed the time trial today, I'm sorry but it was amazing.  Almost felt like a real race out there.  Athletes, you did amazing!  Thanks to coach Alan for timing and the results are already posted on our website in the cross country page on the right hand side. 


All who raced, please replay it in your mind and ask yourself: what is one thing I can do next time to improve?  Elijah told me after that he felt great and could have ran harder.  Maybe next race for the youth boys up front that translates to another 10 seconds off!!  Maybe you took off slower than you should have or you had too much energy at the end or you really relaxed too much in the middle of the race.  Whatever it is, never stop evaluating and learning.  Even the best in the world will re-evaluate their stride, their start, their kick and everything in between.  Don't forget about nutrition and what you ate this morning.  All of these, when fine-tuned, will help you be the best runner you can be forever!


I've heard some parent comments stating their kids experienced "the light bulb" moment this last week at practice.  I told you it would come and I'm so glad that some of you who were on the fence with continuing stuck it out.  This is a very difficult and challenging sport, but.... It is one of the most rewarding sports.  And don't forget that your persistence in training and racing will translate to every aspect of your life.  Runners are not quitters, we are leaders!


Alright enough of my soap box...  I'm excited if you can't tell.  Keep up the good work.


This coming week will bring a new level of intensity.  My challenge to everyone from group 1, 2, 2b, and 3 is to bring you're A-game.  Be prepared to challenge your mind and body to achieve a new level in your fitness.  The fun has only begun and you guys will be ready for competition soon.


I'm proud of you, thanks to all of you parents and great families, and a special thanks to our coaches!

The support is amazing and we couldn't have an awesome program without all of you!




Thank you,
Coach Jeremy

Practice For The Week Of Aug 25 - Aug 31

Monday Aug 26 - West Creek Park (Click for a map)
24093 W Village Cir, Valencia, CA 91354
(Take Rio Norte Dr, towards Jr HS, go to Village Circle Drive, its a one way street, turn right and go all the way around, we will be meeting at the picnic tables, there is parking all the way around the park.)


Tuesday Aug 27 - College of the Canyons next to Baseball diamonds


Thursday Aug 29 - Central Park near the basketball courts


Saturday Aug 31 - Central Park Near the basketball courts

Show your spirit by getting your Storm gear, we have hats, tee-shirts, tank tops, tech tee-shirts, sweats, in various designs & colors.   
Please see Gin Wadkins @ Thursday's Practice
Click here to download the Stormwear order form
Urgent Alert Text System
If you would like to join our Urgent Alert Text System, on your cell phone text the word "STORMXC" to 41411 and you should be greeted with a welcome message, we use this system rarely for very important urgent alerts, for example, We cancel practice early due to unforeseen circumstances.

Alan Bingham     
Alan Bingham

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