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  September 9, 2013
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Dear Team,


Today is our Lap-a-thon it will be held at Central Park Please arrive at 5:30 pm.

More details below




Just a couple notes about the race this weekend.


1.The course is close to us to you don't have to wake up that early, yeah..

2.Plan on giving yourself an extra 10 minutes once you arrive because you have to walk about .25 miles to get to where we setup. Also the parking can get crazy inside the park so you may even have to walk farther if you are running behind.

3.The course is not very hilly, really there are just 2 hills to contend with and neither are steep. Overall this is a pretty fast course but plenty of technical sections so BE VERY CAUTIOUS. There are ruts in the dirt, and roots in the grass, and then a downhill with exposed rocks and ruts and loose gravel that can cause you havoc. Not to worry, I will give you plenty of help with how to deal with it and be successful.

4.It is going to be hot and that course is typically dry, and it can get windy so make sure you have the following

a.Plenty of water

b.Plenty of electrolyte drink


d.Youth and midget's bring some solid food to eat mid-morning, granola bar, pbj...

e.Get plenty of sleep this week and eat healthy food

f.Don't get too freaked out about my information, it's better to be prepared. This is a fun race, really.


That wraps it up for this edition. I'll be talking more about the race at the next two practices and hopefully by Thursday night we can have the parent helpers nailed down.


Thanks so much for everyone's commitment.

Coach Jeremy

Practice For The Week Of Sept 2 - Sept 8

Monday Sept 9 - LAP-A-THON Central Park

5:30 - 7:15 pm  


Tuesday Sept 10 - College of the Canyons next to Baseball diamonds


Thursday Sept 12 - Central Park near the basketball courts


Saturday Sept 14 - First Meet at O'Melveny Park 

Our First Cross Country Meet
Our first cross country meet is Saturday September 8 at O'Melveny park. All Storm Athletes must compete in the complete uniform as issued by STORM, no soccer shorts or other shorts allowed.
Directions to O'Melveny Park: From 14 South, or 5 South exit at Balboa Blvd, turn right on San Fernando Rd (Exits from 14 and 5 exit onto San Fernando Rd), turn right onto Balboa Rd, turn right onto Balboa Blvd, turn right at Sesnon Blvd, take Sesnon to O'Melveny Park (on right).  
Please try to arrive by 8:15 for the Walk Through.
 Lap-a-thon Monday
Our lap-a-thon. will be held on Monday September 9th at Central Park. This is our primary fund raiser event, This fund raiser helps us keep our price low, allows us to offer scholarships, and assist our athletes in national competition.
We ask every family to seek pledges either by flat rate or a per lap donation. The athletes will run 45 minutes, later they return to their donors and collect their pledges to turn in by the deadline which is
Thursday October 3rd.
We will award a grand prize to the athlete who raises the most funds. Every athlete who raises $40.00 will also win a prize.

The deadline to be eligible for the grand prize is October 3rd. Athletes who raise $40.00 or more will be awarded the Lap-a-thon Pump Spray Mister Bottle.
Please download the lap-a-thon form by clicking here

Alan Bingham     
Alan Bingham

Santa Clarita Track Club