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Newsletter  April 2, 2007
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Saturday Track Meet
Practice Essentials!
Should I Run If I'm Sick?
Board Meeting
Scholastic Awards
Lost and Found
Have a great week!
Practice This Week will be: 
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm  
*Juma Ikangaa
"-The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare."
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We had a great meet on Saturday. The meet got off to a slow start, I don't expect that to happen this weekend. The kids did great and I saw a lot of kids having a good time. I always like the first meet because it gives a good idea of what to expect the rest of the season. It also gives us an idea of where we are and what areas we need to work on.  I look forward to seeing the kids excel in their performance and accomplishments.
Alan Bingham

Here's this weeks reminders to help you find your pace:

Track Meet This Saturday April 7th
The meet will be at Taft HS located at 5461 Winnetka Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Click here for a map and driving directions
For more information about at track meet Click here
Please arrive at 08:15 so you can do your warm-ups. Track events will begin at 08:45 am. The normal order of competition will be Gremlin Girls, Gremlin Boys, Bantam Girls, Bantam Boys, Midget Girls, etc., through to Intermediate Boys. 
Michelle Ewing - 661-212-094 will be placing a second order for STORM merchandise since there have been several requests.  The dead line will be April 7.  Order forms will be at practice this week and on our website. If you have not picked up your uniform please see Michelle Ewing.
Weather has been inconsistent and unpredictable;cold, wet and windy, then suddenly HOT. Arrive wearing a few layers, but be able to end dressed for weather 20 degrees warmer than it actually feels outside. After a minute or two of running, your body will warm up. It is just as uncomfortable to get overheated, as it is to be too cold. Layers work best and can be adjusted during practice; a base layer of snug, wicking material, a mid-layer of looser material and a light outer layer to block wind when necessary and allow moisture to escape.
DRINK plenty of water all day, every day before, during, and after your run. Dehydration is responsible for: dry/ itchy skin, headaches, thirst, fatigue, crankiness, becoming stressed easily, unclear thinking, flushed face, cramping, weakness, sleepiness, dry mouth, bloating & constipation. Do not underestimate the need for water! Diets high in fast food deprive the body of WATER. Balanced diets that include several servings daily of fruit and vegetables help hydrate our bodies and reduce the need to constantly drink water.  Think about how you treat your "running machine" ~your body!
Should I Run Even Though I'm Sick?

Runny nose? Congestion? Coughing? Sneezing? The Runners Rule; if the illness is above your throat, you can run, but if it's in your chest, you should not run. Fever, chills, body aches, or upset stomach, do not exercise.  Let common sense be your guide! Don't Share!

board meeting:

Your SCTC- Storm board members will be meeting on Tuesday, April 3rd at Marie Calendars at 7:00 PM.  Prompt arrival is required for completion of business since we have several issues on the agenda needing timely resolution. These meetings are open to general membership. Our track clubs success is a result of active, dedicated individuals who comprise our organization and are willing to take responsibility. If that describes you please join us!

Scholastic Awards
In an effort to emphasize the importance of maintaining scholastic ability in conjunction with athletic ability, The Santa Clarita Track Club in cooperation with local school districts, awards a Scholastic Achievement plaque to all athletes that maintain a "B+" (3.3) grade point average or better during the season.  The plaque is engraved with the students name, year and symbol of the sport in which he/she is participating.  A special President's Award is presented to athletes that maintain straight "A's" (4.0)
Click here to download the scholastic form for your child. 
Lost and Found! 

Please remember to LABEL ALL clothing and water bottles!
If your child is missing some clothing that they brought to practice and didn't bring home, check on the fence near the entrance to the track. Note items will only be held 1 week.

Track Usage
Remember that the track is off limits to non-athletes during practice.  If parents would like to walk, please use the walkway on the outside of the short fence around the track.  Want a longer run? You are more than welcome to join the distance group out on their runs.
We need escorts of all ablilties to assist.
Have a great week!
Heidi Gierard
Public Relations for
Santa Clarita Track Club
 *Juma Ikangaa (born July 19, 1957) is a world-class marathon runner from Tanzania, a sentimental favorite in Boston after finishing second three years in a row at the Boston Marathon from 1988-1990. A great trainer, Ikangaa said~
 "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare."
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