Newsletter for the week of May 5, 2008

This Weeks Meet Our meet this weekend has been moved to College of the Canyons, I am sure that everyone knows how to get there, Its at Rockwell Canyon Road and Valencia Blvd in Valencia. Park near the stadium. As always the meet will start at 8:30 for field events, You need to arrive at 8:00am.

 Volunteers needed – Help needs for this weekend’s meet are:
Relay escorts (4 people during relays)
Relay zone judges (3 people during relays)
Finish Line helpers, tag pullers. (as needed thru out the day, when called)
Announcer (1person)
Post Results (1 person)
Clean Up Helpers (4 people)

You can volunteer for any of these in 2-3 hour sessions. See me at practice, I’ll have the sign-up sheet.

League Finals and Open Finals Weekend of May 17, and 18  You can check the list of qualifiers on our website by looking at the left area, If your child is listed on the list of qualifiers they will have to attend the League Championship meet on Sunday.  If they are not listed as a qualifier but they are listed in the top 10 of the Conference’s Eastern League, They may be invited to attend Sundays Eastern League Championship meet The top 20 list is listed on the Conference’s Website just above the chart of results.  

All Gremlins and all other athletes will attend the Open Final meet on May 17 at Canyon High School. This will be the last meet of the season for those athletes.

Team Picnic  The Team Picnic will be held at Newhall Park on June 1st. More details to follow.

It’s  HOT !!  Please make sure you child is drinking plenty of water all week long, at least 8 glasses of water daily. Gatorade is also good.

Practice Schedule
For the remainder of the season will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.