This weekend, May 17th and 18th is the VYC Open and League finals. To participate in one of these meets, an athlete must have competed in a minimum of three VYC track meets.

This weekend will be the end of our regular season, and there are 2 meets, explained below:

Open Finals: are open to all Gremlins and all non-qualified Bantams, Midgets, Youths, and Intermediate athletes. Qualified athletes in even a single event are not permitted to compete at the Open Finals in any event. Athletes who compete in Open finals in any event are not eligible to compete in League Finals or IEC's.

League Finals: are for any Bantam, Midget, Youth, and Intermediate who have achieved a qualifying mark. This meet determines who moves on to the IECs. Gremlins are not permitted to compete at League Finals. If an event does not have enough athletes qualified to fill all 8 lanes, athletes will be invited to fill the vacant lanes. Check the top 20 list, If an athlete accepts the invitation to compete in an event at the League Finals, they may not compete at the open meet.

Tags: are required for Open Finals only. Tags are not needed for League Finals as it is a seeded event.

Spikes: for this meet are " pyramid which are available for purchase during practice at $2/bag.

Medals: Heat placement does not necessarily mean that a medal is earned. Medals are earned by overall age group placement. The events medal for 1st through 6th place.

Practice This Week We will have practice this week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, for all athletes, This is the last week of regular season practice.

We will have IEC practice for those athletes who advance to the IECs next week.

Picnic The end of season award picnic will be held on June 1st at 11:30 @ Newhall Park. Click the following link to get more information about the picnic.