Hi Everyone,
IEC Individual Event Championship Meet
We have 27 athletes competing in 41 events and 6 relay teams! Fantastic job. For directions to Santa Barbara city College please click here The track is located next to Shoreline Drive. Please click the aerial view to see where the track is located on the map.
The Award Picnic will be held this Sunday, June 1st at Newhall Park 11:30am (Lunch served at 12:30pm). Click here for specific details about the picnic.
Coaches Dinner Donations - Donations for the coaches dinner will still be accepted at all practice, meets and  the picnic.    
Loaner spike shoes - Please return any borrowed spike shoes or spike shoes that you want to donate to our club to the practices this week or next or to the picnic.
Post Season - Please see Joe Hernandez at practice if your interested in Post Season.
Cross Country - Sign ups  and the first practice will be held on  Monday August 4th at Central Park Near the Basketball courts at 6:00 pm. 
Please Let us know! As we wind up our track and field season we want to hear from you. Please let us know how we did. We have set up a special email account to hear from you. While it won't be anonymous we want to know how we are doing. The email address is survey@sctc-storm.org .  
I look forward to seeing everyone at the picnic,
Alan Bingham