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  March 25, 2013
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Dear Parent


What a fantastic start of the competition season. Now that you have seen how a track meet runs, hopefully this will help you gage the time of your athletes events. As you can see the meet starts at 8:30 but not all athletes have to be there, unless they are going to run the 4x100 relay (400 meter relay) All athletes must be checked in at 8:30 for coaches to check in for the relays, any late athletes may not be assigned to a relay team or on the team best suited for them. Athletes who are going to compete in the first events of the day should arrive at 8:00 am, (Gremlin Long Jump, Youth Shot Put, Bantam High Jumpers, and all 3000 meter runners). All other athletes are still welcome to pick up tags early. If an athlete misses an event they signed up for, they are free to try another event provided it hasn't already competed and as long as they don't over event (meaning compete in too many events for their age group) Limits explained later in news letter.


We appricate all the volunteers this past weekend, please see below for a clearer understanding of positions needed each week.


This Saturday our track meet will be against the 2nd largest club in the conference (STORM being the largest).


We will need a lot of help with the setup again, and the tear down (I'll send a text alert at the start of the 200s that usually means we have about 30 mins until the end of the meet).


You may sign up to volunteer by clicking here

Lap-a-thon Fundraiser
Laps are posted on our website. On the main page.
You may turn in your funds any time before the dead line, prizes are given to the athletes that raise the most funds and bring in at leaset $40.00
Grand Prize will be a Kindle Fire Tablet. Every athlete who raises $40.00 or more will get a Mister Spray Bottle. (For athletes in the same family, its $40.00 for 1, $60.00 for 2, $75.00 for 3 and $85.00 for 4).
The Dead line to turn in funds will be April 11th.
Practice This Week
Mar 25 2013 - 6:00 - 7:45 pm Valencia HS
Mar 26 2013 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm West Ranch HS
Mar 27 2013 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm West Ranch HS
Mar 30 2013 - Track Meet - 8:00 am Valencia HS Track.
Volunteers Needed
We understand that many of you are new and have no idea what exactly is needed on Meet day. To help you understand the chart is all about.
In order to get credit for volunteering you must be on the sign up list. Every Family is required to volunteer 6-10 hours as needed.


Pick Up Truck - (Trucks, Vans, SUVs) Meets at 6:30 to load equipment at our storage facility across the street and transports it to the track.


Set up Crew: Moves equipment to where it goes, and setups tents, staging area, hurdles, field events, finish line timing area and tents in the stands. PA System


Volunteer Coordinator - helps on meet days to coordinate volunteers.


Announcer: Makes calls from center to inform people in the stand what events are staging.


Head Tag Puller: this person marks the finish line sheets of what event just ran and places the athletes tags on the sheet for data input.


Results Poster: Will take printed results from the timing tent and post them on the electrical box out in the public area.


Starter: This is the person starts all races.


Lane Manager: Places athletes in their correct lanes that staging has assigned


Staging: Located in the tents at the center of the field, staging arranges the athletes into order of their heats and lane assignments. In most cases Girls will always stage before boys and distances races may be combined girls and boys. Extra help needed during relays:


Hurdle crew: On track during hurdle event to move them to the correct spacing for the age group on the track.


Long Jump: Sign in athletes as they arrive, and help keep them in order, rake and smooth the sand pits after each jumper, and measure the distance of the good jumps. (Fouls are not measured.)


High Jump: Sign in athletes as they arrive, help keep them in order. Help set the cross bar as it is raised throughout the event, and replace cross bar to the standards when it is knocked off.


Shot Put: Sign in athletes as they arrive, help keep them in order. Measure the distance the shot has been Thrown. "shag the shot", which means to roll it back to the shot put ring.


Relay Zone Judges: Place athletes in their proper lane on the track. Hold White flag up when all athletes are in their proper lane to signal that the zone is ready to compete. Watch that handoff is within the zone (Athletes may be out of the zone, baton must exchange within the zone). Signal with a red flag if there are infractions.


Tear Down Crew: Will have move all equipment off track to pickup trucks loading zone to be transported back to storage. Pick up trucks, Vans, SUVs are needed to transport equipment back to storage.


in conclusion we hope this helps you understand what is needed at our meets, we want all new families to enjoy and be comfortable with how a track meet runs.


Please call or email (click name) if there is any confusion so we can answer any questions. So you enjoy the rest of the season.


Elaine Bingham - 661-373-6897

Alan Bingham - 661-755-6197 (works 11:00 am - 7:00pm can't get calls at work).


Jelly Beans & Jolly Ranchers
Jelly BeansWe need Jelly Beans and Jolly Ranchers.
If you have not yet donated 2 bags of Jelly Beans or 2 Bags of Jolly Ranchers, our supply is running low please bring some in at this time.
Athletes with new Spike Shoes, you must change out the spikes to 3/16" needle spike, we have them for sale $2.00 per set of 14. Most spikes are sold with 3/8" pyramid for dirt, these spikes are not acceptable on tartan tracks.
Please bring in any old spike shoes that your child has out grown for loaner spikes.
Track Meet
Our track meet will be this weekend hosting the West Valley Eagles. This club is almost the same size as our team, which will mean we will have some full heats, the meet will last a bit longer, as 100 more athletes will attend this weekend than last weekend.

Setup starts at 7:00 am, We need lots of help with the setup, we meet in the parking lot, some will go to the storage unit across the street to pick up equipment. We will need a few people to setup our staging area in the center of the field, that requires setting up benches for the kids to sit on during staging. a few pop up tents. We need parents to put the hurdles out for the start of the 80 meter Midget races.
Pick Up Trucks we meet across the street at Valencia Storage, (note: not the Valencia II Storage).
Athletes this week will be signing up with their coaches what events they would like to do, Depending on the age of the athlete there are limits in how many events they can do each week. Gremlins are limited to a maximum of 3 events, everyone else is limited to 4 events maximum, but 1 event has to be a relay for Bantam through Youth, Intermediates 4th event can be an individual event (ie not limited to a relay), If you have any questions about the number of events please ask your coach. The conference has a very strict policy about over eventing, the athlete will be Disqualified in all events of the day if they compete in too many events at a meet.
Chic-Fil-A Fundraiser
This Wednesday March 27 from 5:30-9:00pm The Storm will be hosting a "Spirit Night" at Chick-fil-a, Valencia Town Center. Come on out and enjoy a fun evening with family and friends! A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Santa Clarita Track Club. Since we have a short practice at West Ranch we are hoping your family will go before or after our practice, or through the drive-thru. Please bring a copy of the flyer with you and tell them you are with Storm Track Club.
Click here for a flier with all the details!
Lost and Found
All Lost and Found items will be donated to Goodwill at the end of Monday's practice. It is too hard to move between practice sites and we don't have room to store items. Please check on the fence if any of the items are your childs.

Alan Bingham
Santa Clarita Track Club