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Qualifying Standards

Qualifying Standards

In order to compete in the League Finals at the end of the season, athletes will need to meet or exceed certain pre-determined standards in each event. These qualifying marks are set by the Valley Youth Conference, and are intended to set a level of excellence for athletes to strive for during the season. 

NEW for 2012 All Intermediate athletes go to League Championship Finals!
NEW for 2015 Gremlin Qualifying standards updated for League Championship Finals!
Athletes must have a mark in an event in order to be invited to League Championship Finals

Track Events


100M 16.98 15.75 14.20 13.6 15.92 14.77 13.6 12.6
200M 37.41 33.40 29.85 28.30 34.05 30.65 28.7 26.0
400M 1:25.98 1:17.55 1:09.25 1:06.2 1:19.13 1:12.0 1:04.75 58.8
800M 3:27.98 3:05.0 2:52.8 2:39.35 3:15.70 2:52.0 2:38.4 2:25.7
1500M 6:59.28 6:10.3 5:44.4 5:33.5 6:30.56 5:48.0 5:22.0 4:56.2
3000M NA NA 13:23.75 12:59.0 NA NA 11:30.0 11:12.0
Hurdles NA NA 16.7 19.6 NA NA 15.0 18.4

Field Events

HJ NA 3'-4" 4'-1" 4'-4" NA 3'-8" 4'-4" 5'-0"
LJ 8'-11.75" 10'-9.5" 12'-3" 14'-1" 9'-9" 11'-6" 13'-1" 15'-11"
SP NA 16'-6" 21'-6" 25'-2" NA 20'-0" 27'-0" 30'-6"

Key to abbreviations: 
GG+ Gremlin Girls, BG=Bantam Girls, MG=Midget Girls, YG=Youth Girls
GB+ Gremlin Boys, BB=Bantam Boys, MG=Midget Boys, YB=Youth Boys
 HJ=High Jump, LJ=Long Jump, SP=Shot Put, NA=Not Available in this division 



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