News Letter - March 12, 2007


It's been a very busy first 2 weeks of practice. Thanks to everyone who has stepped forward to assist to date. I guarantee you'll find the whole track experience more fulfilling on the field inspiring kids versus in the stands as a spectator.

Predictive Testing is nearly complete. We'll continue to run tests this week for athletes that may have missed a portion last week. This testing provides invaluable information to the coaching staff that will assist in helping the kids find their way to success quickly. All of us are built differently. This testing identifies those athletes that are naturally built for explosive performance.

*Athletes that rank high in this testing will find their success in the sprints and jumps.
*Athletes that rank lower may be naturally built for the endurance events of middle distance and distance.
*Athletes that are particularly tall for their age tend to do well in shot put.

Ultimately, the kids will have the opportunity to try any event that interests them. The purpose of the testing is to make some suggestions based on their natural strengths.

Event training begins this week. Athletes will be sorted into their strengths based on Predictive Testing results and practice in their primary event on Monday and Thursday nights. Everyone will have the opportunity to experiment in secondary events of their choice on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.

We'll be building coaching staffs around each event head coach. If you're interested in getting involved in a particular event please see one of the following coaches during practice.

Distance/Middle Distance- Jeff Nelson
Sprint/Relays- John Yakob
Hurdles- Natalie Maeller
High Jump- David Summer
Long Jump- Darren James
Shot Put- Dan Miller




Athlete pick up is at 7:30pm (weeknights) and 9:30am (Saturdays), please return to the parking lot to pick up your child on time, Our coaches would like to go home on a timely basis and cannot leave a child unattended. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please check our current roster available at the sign in area. If your child's name is NOT on the roster, please see Liz or Alan. Your child must be registered on the team prior to participating in any practices.

All paperwork must be turned in by Thursday, March 22nd or your child will be dropped from the roster per conference rules. Please take care of all missing paperwork immediately. Thank you.


Please remember to contribute two bags of jelly beans to the club. The kids really appreciate this reward after a hard practice. With Easter just around the corner, there are great deals and plenty of selections.


If you have a camera we are looking for you! Please take pictures of our practices, the picture you take just may end up in a slide show that we are trying to put together. Please see Alan or Terisa River and sign up if you can help


We require athletes to attend a minimum of 2 practices per week. If you are unable to attend all practices, please check with your coach about your workout plan, you will be expected to workout on your own in your absence. Please remember to bring sweats and water to every practice. Be sure to label all clothing and water bottles.


We are still accepting athletes. You can download your sign up paperwork here fill it out at home and then drop it off at practice. Team size is limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis. All paperwork must be 100% complete, all fees paid, and proof of age must be turned in or your child will be placed on our waiting list.

Your friends might be interested in joining the club, Click here for a flyer to share information that they can take home to their parents.


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